Here you can find a list of various interesting blogs or websites focusing on testing, modeling and security of protocols. This blogroll will be updated regular from time to time. If your blog is missing here in the blogroll and you think your blog should be listed here, please contact me. Here is a list of interesting blogs (in no special order):

  • Model-Based Testing Community (MBT): This online community is a platform that enables all that interested in MBT to find, share, and discuss all aspects of and experiences with Model-Based Testing (MBT).
  • Ludovic Rousseau Blog (Smart Card protocols): Ludovic describes his activities related to smart cards and free software in this blog.
  • Ministry of Testing (Testing in general): A UK-based website headed up by Rosie Sherry with a strong focus on learning, collaboration and resources in the world of software testing.
  • Bruce Schneier’s Blog (Security): The security guru writing about his ideas concerning security in our world.
  • A few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering (Security): Matthew Green’s blog where he describes his thoughts as a cryptographer and research professor at Johns Hopkins University concerning cryptography.
  • Markus Gärtner’s Blog (Testing in general): Blog of Markus Gärtner who specializes in testing, development and project management.
  • TESTHEAD (Testing in general): Michael Larsen is talking about mis-education and re-education of software tester.
  • Test Side Story (Testing in general): Zeger Van Hese from Belgium is posting concerning his experience in the area of testing.
  • Benjamin Cabé’s Blog (IoT): Benjamin is talking about Internet of Things (IoT), Eclipse and Open Source on his blog.
  • Secure Software Engineering University Paderborn (Security): In this blog Eric Bodden and his team is talking about current research, new projects or new vulnerabilities and malware they discovered.
  • Sophisticated Quality Assurance (Testing, MBT): Lars Frantzen is blogging about quality assurance, especially testing, test automation, model-based testing, and test management.


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